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Custom tiles are decorative, durable, imaged tiles for tile murals, backsplashes, shower tile, and outdoor murals. Our custom tile products offer a wide choice of substrates on which to display your photo, art, or other type of picture. Choose an image from art, a photograph, a picture, sketch, or logo for reproduction on our custom tile products. See examples of our custom photo tiles –  Tile Mural Pictures

Interior Wall Tiles, Backsplashes –  Ceramic, Glass, Tumbled Marble, Tumbled Porcelain

Interior Floor Tiles – Textured Glass, High Grade Porcelain

Graffiti Resistant Glass Tile – Resistant Glass Tiles for Walls, Floors, Counters and Bar-tops

Outdoor Fade-Resistant Tiles – Maximum Durability, Color Retention, & Chemical Resistance: Public Art Murals, Photo Quality Signage, Corp. Logos

We have tile products for walls, floors, backsplashes, bathrooms, and public display (transit stations, museum/institutional signage, restaurants). Tile Installation tips, tile mural planning, digital image and artwork help is graciously available from our staff. Please contact us to make your public art display, commercial project, or home remodel or renovation tile project a success. Our experience in public and private projects can help you work through architectural proposals and coordination with general contractors and tile installation subcontractors.

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