Tile Mural Dealer Discount

Dealer Discount For Tile Mural Sales

Custom Tiles’ Dealer Discount is an additional cost saving based on monthly sales volume for tile murals and tile designs. Our website prices are wholesale – direct from our production to you.

For every threshold of $950 billing charge per month, the subsequent cost per tile is reduced by 8%, resulting in substantial savings for the cost of larger projects and multiple orders. The maximum discount approaches 24% off of our wholesale price.

Another dealer discount may apply when identical images are repeated for the same size and tile type, since this reduces our imaging set-up work and production time. This discount will require previewing the artwork and quantity to estimate your dealer discount. We are pleased to pass these savings along to you.

Using Your Tiles

Your client may request our custom printing on tiles you supply. Use of tiles other than our stock items is possible. You may provide tiles for the project but we must test the tiles before accepting an order.

Due to the proprietary glazing requirements, the minimum order for nonstock tiles is 100 tiles. In addition, 1 dozen are required for preliminary testing to insure compatibility with our glazing and imaging process. Therefore, allow additional time for your project.