Glass Tile Mosaic

Glass Tile Mosaic Pictures and Ideas

Glass tile mosaic ideas for Kitchen Backsplashes and Bathrooms

Custom Glass Art Tile Mural
Glass Tile Mosaic Mural
Glass Tile Mural Circe - John W. Waterhouse
Glass Tile Mosaic from Waterhouse Painting


Glass tiles for backsplashes, bathrooms, public display – custom printed with photos, art, and logos, as in this historic walking route location in St. Augustine, Florida.

Tiles are imaged on the back side, fully protecting the picture so that it is scratch proof and grafitti resistant. Glass mosaic tile murals may be smooth glass, as in this picture, or textured glass. Textured glass tiles are also suitable for floor tiles because the slight texture makes them slip resistant, meeting OSHA recommendations for coefficient of friction (wet and dry COF). Glass tile mosaics are also suitable for many fountains and swimming pools – check with us for application details.