Custom tile - ceramic, porcelain, glass,
and tumbled tile

Graffiti Resistant Glass Tile

Indoor Glass Tiles  —   Note, We Also Have Fade-Resistant, Graffiti-Resistant Outdoor Tile

Resistant to graffiti removing chemicals such as paint removers (including mineral spirits, MIBK, turpentine), citrus-based cleaners, and foaming oven cleansers. See Photo

Smooth Glass Tile: Walls, countertops, backsplashes, and indoor pools/fountains. Purchase Smooth Glass Tile

Textured Glass Tile: Residential and commercial floors, walls, countertops, backsplashes, and indoor pools/fountains.Purchase Textured Glass (Floor Tiles)

Tile Council of North America testing lab results:

ASTM C1028: Static Coefficient of Friction – Dry =.86 Wet =.52 (meets OSHA recommendations) The Building Code for the City of Los Angeles, California (USA) requires that level surfaces have a COF of not less than 0.6 and ramps have no less than 0.8 – ours tests in excess of 0.8.

ASTM C648: Average breaking strength is 1931 lbf. Compare to approximately 250 for regular ceramic tile (

ASTM C373: Water absorption rate of .37% = impervious

ASTM C650: Resistance to Chemical Substances: Not affected by the following: Acetic Acid 3% & 10% Ammonium Chloride, 100 g/L Citric Acid Solution, 30 g/L & 100g/L Lactic Acid, 5% Phosphoric Acid, 10% Hydrochloric Acid Solution, 3% & 18% Sulfamic Acid, 3% & 10% (Becomes sulfuric acid when mixed with water) Swimming Pool Chemicals (Sodium Hypochlorite Solution) 20mg/L Potassium Hydroxide, 30 g/L & 100 g/L

ASTM C485: Warpage of Tile – Edge warpage: -.02%, Diagonal Warpage: 0.00%

ASTM C499: Facial dimensions and thickness of tile Average difference of 0.020 inches

ASTM C502: Wedging of Tile – Average percent wedging was 0.03%

ASTM C1026: Tiles showed no evidence of damage after completing 15 freeze/thaw cycles.

Not for installation in direct sunlight!  View custom printed tile – textured for flooring, wall mural, kitchen backsplash mural

Glass Tile Sizes:

6”x6” Textured Tempered (LT) and Non-Tempered (BNT)

6”x6” Smooth Tempered (LT)

12”x12” Textured Tempered (BT) and Non-Tempered (BNT)

12”x12” Smooth Non-Tempered (LNT)