Outdoor Tile Mural

Trouble Free Outdoor Tile Mural

Custom Printed Outdoor Tile Mural: these are completely non-fading, frost resistant, and weather resistant. The graffiti resistant outdoor tile murals are very low maintenance – great for private and public art projects. Safe for public urban display locations and use of graffiti removing chemicals and power washing. Performance specifications for outdoor tiles, wall and floor.

Click on the image below for video, skip ahead to the 3:00 mark. For this project, we aided in selecting the best tile size. We enjoy becoming a part of anticipated projects in the early stages. Please submit a Request for Quotation for any project you may be considering.

Childrens' Art on Fade Proof Outdoor Tile Mural
Children’s Art on Fade Proof Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor Tile for Public Art Projects

Outdoor murals are tough: low maintenance requirements, easy cleaning, scratch resistance! That is why municipalities find them cost effective in the long term. However, outdoor tile pigments (high temperature, permanently stable) have a smaller color gamut than our indoor colorants. Email mitch @ custom-tiles.com for color spectrum sample page. For bright colors and critical matches, we like to provide ‘proof’ tiles.

Outdoor Tile Mural Public Art park bench
Graffiti Resistant Outdoor Art Tiles

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We provide custom printed outdoor tiles for public art murals and flooring medallions – photo quality pictures and corporate logos. See our video of encaustic style floor tiles – http://custom-tiles.com/encaustic-tiles-video/  Skip ahead to 1:45 for Encaustic Tiles.