Outdoor Tile

Architectural Tile for Outdoor Tile Murals and Decorated Floor Tile

Fade Resistant, Weather Resistant, Custom Printed Outdoor Tile with Pictures, Logos

Outdoor Tile Murals, Lake Elsinore
Outdoor Tile Murals, Lake Elsinore

Custom printed outdoor tile murals receive a kiln firing of permanent pigments which are fused to the original tile body.

Enhanced characteristics of:

Costs range $24 to $110 per square foot depending on tile mural color and size. Please use our Request for Quotation form for a rapid response. Discounts may be available depending on quantity.

Outdoor tile pigments (high temperature, permanently stable) have a smaller color gamut than our indoor colorants. Fire engine red and some yellow and blue shades will appear duller. For critical colors in these shades, you could order extra tiles to serve as ‘proof’ samples for your approval prior to production. Email mitch @ custom-tiles.com for color spectrum sample page.

Allow 4-5 weeks for production to carefully fire, sort, and eliminate any flaws.  Anti-skid floor tiles in 12″x12″ and larger sizes are available – allow 6 weeks. Perfect for very heavy traffic areas including outdoor inclined areas (ramps) which get wet.