Receiving Freight Shipments

Please review this message and forward it to anyone in your receiving department who might receive delivery.

Upon arrival:

1.  Inspect the shipment immediately. 

2.  Verify the quantity and condition of the boxes before signing. The box count appears on the Bill of Lading. 

3.  If there is any loss or damage, alert the driver immediately.

4You must notate any loss or damage on the Bill of Lading before you sign off on the shipment.  Have the truck driver sign-off on any loss or damage as well.  If at all possible, immediately photograph any box or contents.  Claims for loss or damage that are not notated on the Bill of Lading will be denied.  If custom printed tiles become damaged during installation, you can re-order by identifying the column/row numbers which are on the back of the tile.

5.  Claims for loss or damage must be made in writing (email is preferred) within 10 days to receive credit or replacements.  Neither the trucking company nor Custom Tiles will be able to issue refunds, or credits for lost or damaged merchandise unless you notate the issue on the Bill of Lading at the time of delivery, and report it in writing within 10 days. 

We do everything we can to make sure your shipment arrives safely.  Pieces and boxes are cushioned, packaged, counted, and verified carefully.

Fortunately, problems are very rare.  However, if a problem does occur, it can be solved much faster if your staff follows the simple steps noted above.