Tile Durability

Chemical Durability Tests, Stain Resistance of Custom Printed Tiles

Kitchen and bathroom wall tiles require stain and cleanser resistance.

We have thoroughly tested our custom printed mural tiles prior to marketing and continue our quality checks when we upgrade our technology and raw materials. Tile Durability is ensured by a clear-coat glaze which has excellent resistances to stubborn stains, foods, and beverages.

Custom-tiles.com produces imaged tiles and murals which can be used for bathroom wall tile around urinals and commodes, unaffected by the strong cleansers typically used on these surfaces. The tile durability of our indoor tiles can only be surpassed by the more expensive kiln-fired process of our outdoor tiles.

You can use your favorite household cleansers – even extra strong bleach concentrations (25% in water) can be used with no harm or deterioration to your custom picture tile.

Tests we have conducted:

Small puddle of chemical or stain was placed on imaged tile for 20 minutes, then wiped off with a damp sponge. Tile was examined very close to light source; tile held at various angles to observe any changes in color, sheen, or degradation of the glaze or image.

Stain, or Exposure
bleach (25% in water)
No Effect
cleaner (Fantastik)
No Effect
No Effect
cleaner (Windex with ammonia))
No Effect
detergent (Tide Deep Clean)
No Effect
Vodka No Effect
Red Wine No Effect
A-1 Steak
No Effect
Vinegar No Effect
cleanser (Lysol Lemon-scent; used full strength)
No Effect
cleanser (Pine Glo, normally ½ cup/gallon water)
No Effect
powder (Soft Scrub, rubbed with sponge 5 minutes)
No Effect
cheese with serrated knife
Scratches/Burnish Marks
Pepsi No Effect
Catsup No Effect
Mustard No Effect

Glass Tiles are imaged on the bottom side and are suitable for flooring, countertops, tabletops, showers, etc. Glass tiles are fully resistant to all items listed above. See glass tile specifications.

For an extra layer of protection on floor tiles or wall tiles, see Floor Tile Protection.