Custom tile - ceramic, porcelain, glass,
and tumbled tile

Tile Mural Order – Interior Wall Tiles

Order tile using Buy Now buttons in the price chart. Production turn-around is typically within 2 weeks. We also offer Exterior Grade Tiles (more costly than interior tiles) and interior Floor Tiles.

Click on “Buy Now” button below the tile you want and you will be forwarded to a payment page. Select the ‘1’ at ‘Quantity’ and reset to the number of tiles you need. Enter your zip code and click ‘Update’ for the order total. PayPal processes the credit card orders. If you have not ordered online before, open the order instruction page . For other payment options, contact us. Sales, excise, use, value-added and/or other taxes and duties are the sole responsibility of the recipient. Editing charges may need to be added to the tile costs listed below if you require very much image editing. Placement of an order acknowledges agreement with our Terms and Conditions.

4 1/4″ Ceramic

10 $7.56 $60.48
6″ Ceramic

8 $12.92 $51.68
6″x8″ Ceramic

6 $16.53 $49.63
8″ Ceramic

6 $20.36 $45.86
8″x10″ Ceramic

6 $23.18 $41.77
12″x12″ Ceramic

5 $37.06 $37.06
4″ Tumbled Marble

8 $9.60 $86.48
6″ Tumbled Marble

6 $16.15 $64.60
4” Tumbled Porcelain

8 $9.22 $83.06
6” Tumbled Porcelain

8 $14.90 $59.60
6” Smooth Glass walls, counters, not floors

6 $21.48 $85.92
12” Smooth Glass walls, counters, not floors

6 $49.80 $49.80
6” Textured Glass walls, counters & floors

6 $21.48 $85.92

**There may be discounts for many duplicate tiles with the same images. Call or email for details.     Dealer discounts are also available.

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