Kitchen Backsplash Tile Mural Ideas

Kitchen backsplash tile mural idea: here's how

Imagine using the art or photo of your choice for a ceramic tile backsplash. Our staff helps provide kitchen backsplash tile ideas. Do you prefer tumbled tile or glass tile for your personalized, unique backsplash tile? So, whatever graphic or artwork – get it produced on a mosaic tile mural. Kitchen backsplashes are printed in high resolution. Washable, cleanser resistant glaze protects your image. Thus your unique art or photo has excellent durability. The backsplash tiles are suitable for kitchen, bath, and commercial locations. See costs for indoor purposed tiles and information for outdoor fade resistant/graffiti-resistant tiles. Our reliable team offers service and quality.

Unique Ideas for Kitchen Backsplash Designs?

Send us your photo, art, or any image for custom printing on your kitchen backsplash tile. We offer ceramic, tumbled tiles, and glass for a beautiful focal point for your kitchen. You can upload digital files on our Upload Image page. So make your kitchen backsplash idea a reality. View our portfolio for a variety of kitchen backsplash mural ideas.

Art on Tile

Reproductions of your favorite or personal art can be transferred onto tiles. Use the  art for backsplash murals, flooring, and unique display pieces, too. Scan your work or send a photograph for free evaluation. Of course, we’ll provide advice regarding image quality. High resolution images are used for large backsplash murals and public art display. We will be glad to help!

Put Pictures on Backsplash and Shower Tiles

You choose the picture, design, logo, or artwork for the  custom printed tile mosaic. A variety of tile types for your kitchen backsplash tile idea are offered.  Enhance your home’s or commercial establishment’s aesthetic by personalizing the look of your decor. Does your restaurant or business have a corporate logo you would like displayed? Our wide gamut of color and sharp detailed resolution will make your tiled area a work of art. Choose from ceramic, glass, and tumbled tile. And we can assist with your decisions when you provide information about the installation environment. We’d be pleased to be part of your successful tile kitchen or bathroom tile project. Of course, we also have experience with commercial and institutional projects and are happy to assist.