Kitchen Backsplash Tile Mural Ideas

Kitchen backsplash tile mural idea: here's how

Imagine using the art or photo of your choice for a ceramic tile custom printed kitchen backsplash. Do you prefer tumbled tile or glass tile for your personalized, unique backsplash tile? So, whatever idea for a picture, design, or artwork you may have, your digital file can be reproduced. Kitchen backsplashes are printed with our high resolution process. Washable, cleanser resistant glaze will protect your image, thus providing excellent durability. The backsplash tiles are suitable for kitchen, bath, and commercial locations. See costs for indoor purposed tiles and information for outdoor fade resistant/graffiti-resistant tiles. In sum, we can provide the best tiles for your specific project with the performance and value you deserve.

Unique Ideas for Kitchen Backsplash Designs?

Send us your photo, art, or any image for custom printing on your kitchen backsplash tile. We offer ceramic, tumbled tiles, and glass for a beautiful focal point for your kitchen. You can upload digital files on our Upload Image page. And so, make your kitchen backsplash idea a reality.

Art on Tile

Reproductions of your favorite or personal art can be transferred on tiles. Have the art used for backsplash murals, flooring, and unique display pieces, too. Scan your work or send a photograph for free evaluation. Of course, receive advice as to image quality for print and appropriate size of tile area. Additionally, know that high resolution images can be used for larger backsplash murals and public art display. We will be glad to help!