Outdoor Public Art Custom Tile Mural Lake Elsinore, CA
Outdoor Public Art Custom Tile Mural Lake Elsinore, CA

Upload Images - Ways to Send Digital Files

For smaller than 12MB, you can upload images attached to email – use instructions below for image files larger than 12 MB.
Digital files should be at least 240 ppi at print size or as large as possible. Web page images are usually too small. We will check the image’s suitability for your project. You may send hard copies for us to scan – flat or rolled (no frames or glass). If extensive editing or scanning is required, it is performed at an hourly rate of $45 with a $45 minimum. For art requirements, see below*.

To Upload Files

Select your file(s), Enter your Email address, Click ‘UPLOAD FILES’

Upload files


*Art Requirements for Uploaded Images

Preferred file types: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, (jpg, tif, psd, ai, eps, pdf). Any of these may be in compressed ZIP file format.
All imported graphics should be linked. We may need to request all linked files.
Illustrator & InDesign: do not embed graphics.
Leave Photoshop files layered, using eps, tif, psd, or psb.
Grayscale & Bitmap images: uncompressed tifs
Fonts: Illustrator & InDesign: Outlined fonts are preferred; we may require the font family package.
File Sizes: Vector files can be scaled to any size without problems. Raster images should be designed at full size and then downsized only if necessary for transmission. We typically print at 240-300 dpi where high resolution reproduction is required. Large works (to be viewed at a distance) can be supplied and printed at lower resolution. Contact us with specific information on the project with questions regarding file size/resolution.
You may send us a CD, DVD, or thumb drive (aka USB flash drive, jump drive).
Regarding copyright or other issues: See Terms and Conditions.