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Custom Tile Mural Chicago Hotel Zachary

Ceramic, Porcelain, Glass,Tumbled Tile - Unique Murals

Digitally reproduced art, photos, and logos on ceramic and glass tile! We offer several printing technologies for indoor and outdoor murals, whether for walls or floors. Our team will evaluate your requirements and offer the appropriate options. Contact us early during planning and receive expert assistance. From a simple kitchen backsplash to magnificent public art to the toughest transit station platform tiles, your tile installation will be attractive and successful. We are eager to receive your image and assist you without obligation. Check our pricing policies or our specific pricing for custom backsplash tiles. Our technology also offers the best in outdoor tiles and memorial plaques. Using kiln-fired custom printed tiles for outdoor art murals can indeed provide an alternative and potentially more durable option compared to traditional paint. Kiln-fired tiles offer several advantages for outdoor installations, including increased fade resistance and longevity. The beautiful appearance of art on tile will amaze you! Like to see some tile design ideas?

Flower Bouquet Outdoor Tile Mural
Flower Bouquet Outdoor Tile Mural
Art Bird Whiskey Tile Mural Grand Central Terminal
Art Bird Whiskey Tile Mural Grand Central Terminal
Dutch Maid Floor Tile Glass Medallion
Dutch Maid Floor Tile Glass Medallion


Completely Weather and UV-Fade Resistant, Chemically Resistant for easy Graffiti Removal

Interior Decoration - Kitchen, Bath, Restaurant, Hotel

Photographic Quality Reproduction with High Resolution Technology

Custom Decorated Floor Tile

Graphic Designs and Corporate Logos on the Toughest Tiles Available

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Architects, Artists, and Design Studios ...

… have called upon us to assist with image editing, installation specifications, and budgeting for their commercial and institutional tile projects. We began nearly two decades ago, primarily serving homeowners. From kitchen backsplash tile to outdoor public art and commercial flooring, our graphic tile line has grown. See customers’ comments.

Technology advancements put YOU in control of the graphic tile decorating opportunities for your project. Our mosaics and murals open endless possibilities for: – Public Art  – Commercial Decor  – Institutional Signage & Wayfaring

Let us serve your needs for durable, attractive custom printed tile. Email: [email protected]
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Planning a Custom Tile Mural

We can help plan your printed tiles. A few easy steps:
1. Select your image or design for the custom tiles
* Send a photo or the artwork. It can be scanned and returned.
* Send us your digital file (high resolution). Instructions for Sending Images.
2. Determine the size of the tiles and tile mural area available for the project (contact us for help). This is where we can be very helpful. We may advise based on your artwork or image. Measure the width and height of the area available. You may fill the area completely with the custom tile mural or select a custom mural size and surround it with ‘field’ tile. Additional tips are below*.
3. Submit a Request for Quotation to receive a cost estimate. We will confirm the information personally for accuracy. Order securely by credit card or PayPal account. For time-critical inquiries and any type of assistance in your planning, use email. Online transactions are easily conducted for custom tiles at the ‘tile store.’

Art on Custom Tile Backsplash Mural Peony Flower
Peony Custom Kitchen Tile Backsplash Mural

*Additional tips on planning:

Production of unique graphic tile murals and memorial plaques based on the customer’s image selection is our specialty.
All images must ‘bleed’ over the edges of the tile mural during printing. This results in a loss of 1/8 to 1/4 inch of the image on each side of the whole image. This is not a loss on each tile but only on the outer perimeter of the artwork. We enlarge or reduce the size of the art to the dimensions of the mural size you request.
Determine the approximate size of your mural. Then, select a tile size (4, 6, 8, or 12 inches) which evenly divides into that size. This will avoid cutting the tiles to fit the mural area. Specialty sizes tiles may be available depending on your need.
If the mural size you select does not have the same width/height ratio as the image you send us, we can edit the image to fit.