Outdoor Public Art Custom Tile Murals

Public Art Murals - Beauty, Endurance, Low Maintenance, Digital Reproduction

Custom Tiles provides the technical and graphics imaging assistance to help your outdoor public art project come to beautiful fruition. The reproductions on the highest quality tile will endure trouble-free for over 100 years! The ceramic pigments and glazes are impervious to the effects of sunlight, frost, pool chemicals, and graffiti-removing paint solvents. Your kiln-fired art tiles for outdoors will be easy to install, using the location-keyed guide.
We have many years experience assisting general contractors, architects, studio designers, and homeowners. Submit a Request for Quotation or shoot an email to get on the path toward your public art goal. Wall murals are not your only choice: floor tiles for high traffic areas (indoor and outdoor) can be graced with the beauty of artwork or photos you specify. These extremely durable decorated floor tiles can even be used on sidewalks and commuter rail station platforms!

Project Planning for Outdoor Tile Murals

Public art and residential or commercial tile projects usually begin with artwork or a design idea married to a specific or approximate size area. Once the artwork and size of the project are nearly determined, Custom Tiles can prepare a price estimate for the printed kiln-fired tiles. We can help with budgeting by offering options for different size tiles and printing/production methods for the best value (submit RFQ).
At this early stage, we can also evaluate the scaled-up resolution of the artwork to insure the image quality for visual appeal at the full size rendering. Our photo-editing services may be utilized to enhance the final results (upload large image files for tile murals here).
Several weeks turn around time is required for careful production and quality inspection. Images are archived for swift reproduction in case any tiles are damaged during installation. A picture of the design will be provided with a numbered grid keyed to the location of each decorated tile.

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