Kitchen - Bath - Commercial Tile

Kitchen, Bath and Commercial Tile for Remodeling and Renovation - Unique Designs on Custom Tile!

Custom Tiles will provide your residential or commercial tile project with the highest quality imaged tiles. Hotels, restaurants, residential kitchen and baths, schools and churches are places where our services enhance the decor. Backsplashes are some of our most popular tile printed projects.

Remodeling and renovation projects are the time to consider your decorating opportunity. What is the unique decor, photo, or artwork which expresses the special aesthetic you want to present to your clients, guests, or family? We can print and transfer any type of image onto a variety of types of tiles – and offer you the best choice for your tile mural and the tiles’ usage. See some of our custom tile backsplashes.

Backlit Glass Tiles Kappa Alpha Psi
Backlit Glass Tiles Kappa Alpha Psi


The custom printed digital images are baked into the glaze. This offers a decorative tile finish with resistances to cleansers, sanitizers, potential food stains, and alcoholic beverages. Your commercial quality tile mural will comply with NSFI/ANSI requirements for food preparation, splash zone, and food serving areas. For your convenience, transactions may be handled online at our ‘tile store.’