Floor Tile Prices

Pictures, Art, and Logos – Floor Tile Prices

Glass Floor Tiles: Textured to be non-slip for floor use – provides very good image reproduction. Custom glass tiles are impact resistant and strong enough to surpass ANSI and ASTM standards for floor tile. See Floor Tile Durability/Specs,  Graffiti Resistant Glass Tile and Glass Tile Specs & Installation.
Ceramic Floor Tiles: See Example. Ceramic is for low traffic usage, e.g., restrooms, conference rooms, small offices – otherwise, use glass or call us. Ceramic Floor Tile Installation. For other outdoor or heavy traffic & commercial areas, use our outdoor porcelain floor tiles.
Editing charges may need to be added to the tile costs below if excessive image editing is required. Placement of an order acknowledges agreement with our Terms and Conditions. For orders greater than 15 floor tiles, contact us for special invoicing.
6” Textured Glass for walls, counters & floors

6 $21.98 $87.92
12” Textured Glass Floor Tile

6 $50.30 $50.30
8″ Ceramic Floor Tile

8 $30.93 $69.59
12″ Ceramic Floor Tile

6 $47.70 $47.70